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  March/April 2007
We just wrapped up co-starring roles on an ABC pilot "Family of the Year".  Jennifer Coolidge ("Joey") and Alan Ruck ("Spin City") and Robert Vaughn have been cast as principals on the comedy pilot, about a 10-time winner of the "family of the year" title in their dusty New Mexico home town.  The Holloways are thrown for a loop when a local (and possibly more deserving) family starts encroaching on their territory.  We are the twin daughters of the other family, the always trying too hard Andersons.  See our 'family' here.

November 2006
Good news, we're back at work on the set of Boston Legal, as neo-Nazi twins, represented (grudgingly) by Alan Shore (James Spader).  The episode has been re-tooled, new scenes added.  Watch the episode entitled "The Nutcrackers" on ABC on December 10th at 10 pmSee some pictures of our "family" here.

October 2006
We wrote, directed, and sang a radio commercial for a school science project... wanna hear it?  Click here.... :-)

  October 2006
Got new commercial headshots....



  September, 2006
We got word that Boston Legal episodes are being re-shuffled, and our "racist twins" part should be airing as part of episode 7 or 8, sometime in November.  Keeping our fingers crossed!  See some pictures here.
  July 15, 2006:
we just booked an episode of Boston Legal, the show with 7 Emmy nominations!  We're so excited.  It's the first episode of the 3rd season, scheduled to air on Tuesday, September 26, 2006.  It's entitled "Can't we all get a lung", and Michael J. Fox is the guest star for one of the story lines.  Alanna will be Lauren, and Gennelle plays Katey, racist white-supremacist twins in the middle of a custody battle.
June, 2006:
we made it into our school's newsletter with our math story, yeah!
May 18, 2006:
check out some new video clips here
December, 2005:

Back on Four Kings for another episode, #111, titled "Black Widow's Lair"!
Be sure to watch as Four Kings premieres on NBC on January 5th, 2006.  You can see us in the first episode, and then the third one.  But for sure watch them all, the show is hilarious!
  November 2005:
Watch for us in the Fruit Rollups commercial, as two of the many kids slaving away in the giant candy factory.  We're operating those cool looking computers on the assembly line
  October 25, 2005:
We just signed with the prestigious MSA agency for dance representation!  We're very excited to be working with Lisa Coppola and the rest of the team... check out their website by clicking their logo:
  Visit our journal for more information on what we have been doing.
  NEW September 14, 2005:
This week we are working at CBS studios. We are doing another episode of Four Kings. It will be taping on Monday and Tuesday.
  NEW August, 2005:
We filmed an independent film called A New Tomorrow directed by Carey Corr and written by Carey Corr and Carole Parker.
  May 25, 2005:
Watch the commercials on The Comedy Central channel... you will see the girls doing promos for the third season of "Reno 911!" show.  The commercials are a total spoof on the show, where kids play with dolls made to look like the real characters, in the style of Barbie and GI Joe commercials.  No, they didn't get to keep any of the dolls :-)  Click here for more photos from the set.
  May 17, 2005:
NBC has picked up "Four Kings" for the fall 2005 season.  Watch for it as a midseason replacement.
  April 30, 2005: 
Just finished taping The Comedy Kids show, for TriDestined Studios.  Alanna and Gennelle co-hosting.  Look for The Comedy Kids as a pilot in the fall TV lineup, or maybe a direct to DVD production.  For more please click here.
  April 7, 2005:  Taping this week and next week, "Four Kings", pilot for Warner Brothers, brought to you by the "Will & Grace" writers and producers. 
Watch for Alanna and Gennelle as Lissa and Lexi, the "evil twins from The Shining".  Let's hope the pilot makes it to the fall schedule!  Click here for photos from the set.
  March 2005:  new commercial headshots
  November 8, 2004:  reporting from the red carpet at the World Premiere of National Treasure at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium.  We got to interview the stars from the film, as well as Olympic athletes.  NEW:  See the video here!

  co-starring on "8 Simple Rules" episode as Kelly and Lily twins, airing January 6, 2004
click here for more details!
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  ATT/Nokia National commercial 
click here for more details!
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  Our Principal Financial Group National Commercial spot is still airing
  See dance video clips!
  Other recent sightings....
  More pictures

See us in the Mercedes National Commercial (Life in the E-class), now airing  
Want to see the video clip?  Click here!

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We are twice National Dance Champions! 

Our Double Trouble tap duet won us second National Championship Title in San Antonio, TX, at the Starpower World Dance Championships

Double Trouble took the overall National Title at "Talent on Parade" Midwest National Dance Championships.  See more here!


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