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"8 Simple Rules... for dating my teenage daughter"

  8:00 PM   Channel 7 KABC   Tuesday, 6 Jan 2004  

8 Simple Rules  Closed Caption
30 mins.   

Bridget gets a job at the gym and Cate suggests that the family would benefit from exercise. David Spade has a brief cameo as Cate's nephew, C.J. Jim: James Garner. Holly: Lisa Rinna. Joe: Carl Weintraub. Dave: Ethan Phillips. Lily: Alanna Dedek. Kelly: Gennelle Dedek. Sarah: Allison Andreas. Gayle: Talia-Lynn Prairie. Vic: Will Schaub. Hattie: Myrna Niles.

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Cast: Amy Davidson, Kaley Cuoco, Katey Sagal, Martin Spanjers, James Garner, Lisa Rinna, Carl Weintraub, Ethan Phillips, Alanna Dedek, Gennelle Dedek, Allison Andreas, Talia-Lynn Prairie, Will Schaub, Myrna Niles, David Spade

Rating: TV-PG

Content: Suggestive Dialog

Release Year: 2004

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