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To put Christian principles into practice through programs promoting healthy lifestyles, strong families, positive youth development, and community betterment to build healthy spirit, mind and body for all, regardless of ability to pay.

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When you join a YMCA, you become part of a national movement of 17.9 million members in more than 2,400 local YMCA associations. Because each YMCA is an autonomous not-for-profit organization, and is not a franchise, local YMCA policies vary on the use of equipment, facilities, services and programs by visiting members from out-of-town or from nearby YMCAs.

While some YMCAs have no restrictions, others may have restrictions such as these:

  • visits by members of YMCAs within 50 miles are limited to three per month

  • visiting members may only use the facility at certain hours

  • visiting members will be charged half the guest fee

  • and visiting Y members are restricted to a limited number of visits each year.

Check the National YMCA web-site for participating YMCAs.  If you plan to visit another YMCA, it's a good idea to call that YMCA about visiting member policies.  

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